Sunday, 11 December 2011

Reiki Gift Vouchers

Want to try Reiki or encourage someone you know to experience a Reiki Healing treatment in London?

Buy a Reiki Gift Voucher before 22nd December 2011 and you receive 90mins Treatment for the cost of 60mins. £55 instead of normal £75 (save £20). Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Excellent value from world travelled Reiki Masters!!

Bookings or enquiries call Reception on 020 8749 3792 or email info @

Friday, 9 December 2011

Reiki NEW level 1 Course

Our global wandering Reiki Master, Lesley Cabral, is back in London running her NEW and even better Reiki Level 1 training. Get ready for 2012 by tuning your energy in to your internal world. Learn how to harmonise your internal energy (brain energy, heart energy, physical energy) and influence your external world. Bring it on! Check website for next Reiki Training in London course dates.

January 2012 Reiki Level 1 Training:

Saturday 28th January (1pm - 7pm)
and Sunday 29th January 2012 (12pm - 7pm)

Email enquiries info [at]

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Reiki Course comments

Awww ... it does make me shine that little more brightly whenever we get this kind of feedback from participants completing their Reiki Course Level 1 ...

The course was very well done with an evolution throughout the two days. The second day was very fulfilling. Sharing the experience with the other participants was wonderful. Feeling the energy through the hands made a difference for treating others. The Reiki Master’s explanations were really clear, he was very attentive, loving and sharing.
 Muriel Bouquillion, Shepherds Bush London

Thanks Muriel and we hope you continue to use your Reiki attuntement and skills wisely for the betterment of yourself and others! See you for Reiki Course Level 2 in December!

Reiki Massage Benefits

I often have callers to The Happiness Centre wondering "what exactly are the benefits of Reiki Massage compared with a standard Reiki healing treatment session?".

From both client feedback and personal experience, Reiki Massage is much more effective than the normal light touch of a Reiki energy treatment ... because you get the physical benefits of hands-on MASSAGE ALONG WITH the energy-clearing benefits of Reiki.

It's like Reiki on turbo-charge for clearing physical energy blocks in your system ... particularly around the tummy, digestive system, solar plexus and heart area.

All I can say is ... try it out ... Reiki Massage rocks for removing energy congestion and boosting energy levels fast!